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Steak Box

How about something a bit special? Our Steak boxes contain a range of beef steaks for you to enjoy. Choose your value from £40 up to £100.

All our Beef is certified Pasture for Life meaning they are reared as nature intended - grain free - happy and healthy. 

Each box may vary in contents, but an example of what you could get in your £60 box is:

500g Rump Steaks

500g Sirloin Steaks

400g Minute Steaks

400g Feather Steaks

500g Rib Eye Steaks

If you have an special requirements please let us know in the space provided

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Top quality

This is the tastiest steak I have had in ages, and totally organic and natural. I buy the £40 boxes and I enjoy trying the different cuts that I've never seen before.

Alex | Greenhead | August 2023

Excellent quality steak, I am really impressed with the quality.

There's no doubt about the quality of the steaks, excellent flavour and texture. I've almost eaten the lot but I'll definitely be ordering more.

Alex | Greenhead | June 2023

Fantastic selection, beautiful steaks!

I loved using cuts of steak that i hadn't had before - and that will now become firm favourites! The quality was first class throughout.

Anna Sammons | Westoning, Bedfordshire | May 2023

Steak box

You can taste the difference so much I wish I had found Askerton Castle years ago. I’ve been buying local butcher and supermarket meat, I’ve even bought into ‘locally sourced’ meat and still nothing comes close. It’s like restaurant steak but, much better. If you’re used to buying steaks from the above mentioned you’ll find that these are slightly smaller but that is something (once you tried) will care very little about.

The only bad thing I would mention is; if you like it how I have, then you’ll run low on supplies very quickly.

Jason Bateman | Newcastle | February 2023