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The health of soil is critical to all creatures that live on the planet. A healthy soil should perform the basic roles of water cycling, nutrient cycling and physical support. At the same time the soil should support a wide diversity of life, both flora and fauna. 

Keeping the soil undisturbed and covered with vegetation is fundamental to the success of this method of farming - leaves act like mini-solar panels, channelling the sun's energy and converting it through photosynthesis into edible forms. 

Intensive grazing by large groups of livestock for very short periods followed by long periods of rest allow pastures to recover quickly, and root systems to reach soil depths where they can access minerals and trace elements beneficial to the grazing animals. 

Farmers who practise regenerative farming are engaged in the rebuilding of fully functioning ecosystems that will capture carbon from the atmosphere, and sequester it either below the ground in the soil or above the ground in the biomass.