Organic Tamworth and Gloucester Old Spot Pork

Our pigs are reared organically outdoors giving them space to root and roam pasture and have access to plenty of forage.

The Askerton Tamworth and Gloucester Old Spot pigs produce stunningly good pork, bacon and gammon. 

The Tamworth is one of the oldest breeds, originating from Kettlebaston. Both breeds are well suited to our 'slow growing' style, allowing the pigs to mature for up to 12 months

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Pork Price List


Belly Pork £19.00/kg
Cheeks £18.00/kg
Leg (Bone In) £18.50/kg
Leg (Boned & Rolled) £19.40/kg
Loin (Boned & Rolled) £21.75/kg
Loin (Chined) £19.50/kg
Shoulder (Bone In) £14.95/kg
Shoulder (Boned & Rolled) £16.25/kg

Chops & Steaks

Chops £21.50/kg
Chump Steaks £22.50/kg
Escalopes £28.50/kg
Fillet / Tenderloin £25.50/kg
Leg Steaks £24.50/kg
Loin Steaks £26.50/kg
Shoulder Steaks £20.00kg
Spare Rib Chops £19.25/kg


Diced £16.75/kg
Mince £16.25/kg
Stir Fry £23.50/kg
Spare Ribs £13.50/kg
Pork Bones £3.00/kg

Cured Meats

Nitrite Free Back Bacon £24.25/kg
Nitrite Free Collar Bacon £20.50/kg
Nitrite Free Bacon Misshapes £18.75/kg
Nitrite free Streaky Bacon £22.50/kg
Bacon Joint £19.00/kg
Bacon Steaks £23.95/kg
Gammon Joint £21.50/kg
Gammon Shank £11.00/kg
Gammon Steak £21.50/kg
Gammon on the Bone £20.00/kg

Offal - When Available

Pigs Heart £9.00/kg
Pigs Kidney £11.00kg
Pigs Liver £11.00/kg
Trotters (in packs of 2) £3.00

Whole Pig - £11.75/kg
Half Pig - £12.25/kg
Please note the price per kilo is for the weight of the carcass including bones before it is butchered. 


Our sausages are made with Oats and can be Gluten Free on request. For a list of allergens please contact us.

Burgers (in 2s) £17.50/kg
Chipolatas £17.50/kg
Cumberland Thin Links £17.50/kg
Cumberland Thick Links £17.50/kg
Cumberland Rings £17.50/kg
Sausage Meat £17.50/kg