Organic Hillbred Mutton

All our Mutton is certified Pasture for Life - no grain.

Minimum of 3 years of age.

On the Askerton Castle Estate, we raise organic mutton from Scottish Blackface Sheep at a minimum of 3 years of age. Our hill sheep produce lean, succulent meat that's full of flavour, and are renowned for their quality and sweetness in taste. 

Our mutton tastes wonderful when cooked in a similar way to our lamb, but for a little longer and at a lower temperature. It is perfect for casseroles and tagines; bursting with flavour.

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Mutton Price List


Leg (Boned & Rolled) £18.75/kg
Leg (Fillet End) £16.00/kg
Leg (Shank End) £15.25/kg
Leg - Whole £15.00/kg
Loin (Boned & Rolled) £18.75/kg
Mutton Henry £14.75/kg
Mutton Shank £14.00/kg
Shoulder (Boned & Rolled) £16.00/kg
Shoulder (on the Bone) £14.00/kg
Rack of Mutton (French Trim) £16.25/kg

Chops & Steaks - Packed in Singles or 2's

Chump £18.50/kg
Cutlets £18.00/kg
Double Loin Chops £18.00/kg
Double Loin Noisettes £20.00/kg
Leg Steaks £19.00/kg


Breast of Mutton (Boned & Rolled) £8.50/kg
Breast of Mutton (on the Bone) £6.50/kg
Diced Loin (500g packs) £16.50/kg
Diced Shoulder (500g packs) £15.50/kg
Mince (500g packs) £15.00/kg
Neck End £8.50/kg
Neck Fillet £20.00/kg
Mutton Bones £3.00/kg


Our burgers, meatballs, and sausages are made with Oats. For a list of allergens please contact us.

Burgers £16.50/kg packed in 2s
Meatballs £16.50kg packed in 8s or 12s
Sausages £16.50/kg packed in 6s

Whole Ewe - £230
Half Ewe - £130
Please note the price per kilo is for the weight of the carcass including bones before it is butchered.