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Belted Galloway Beef Box


This box suits those of you with a love of high quality, organically reared beef. Our cattle are reared on the hillside, spending their time grazing and foraging the different herbs and grasses in our pastures.

All our beef is certified Pasture for Life, meaning they are reared as nature intended - grain free - healthy and happy

All boxes vary in contents, but as an example of what you might be able to expect, the below could be delivered in a £60 beef box:

   1kg Silverside Joint

   500g Stewing Steak

   500g Shin

   2 Minute Steaks

   500g Beef Mince

   400g Sirloin Steaks

   400g Rump Steaks

   500g Beef Sausages

If you have any specific requirements please let us know in the space provided. 

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Organic grass fed

Quality meat that you can truly taste the difference to supermarket beef

Suzanne bell | Whitehaven Cumbria | June 2024

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Askerton Castle Organic Estate 25/06/2024

Thank you, we believe so but we are biased :)

Very Tasty

There was a good selection of cuts.What I have tried so far is delicious.

Everything was well packaged. Will buy again

Janet Bailey | Staffordshire | September 2023

Quality is second to none.

For years now I have ordered meat from farms that produce exceptional quality produce and meat to give back to the real farmers, and not those phony battery intensive farm types.

After buying from a farm in Durham for years, they have for awhile now, started leaving ridiculous amounts of fat on their cuts. We all know why they do this. And personally, I dont want to pay for excessive fat, unless its been rendered down into a lard or dripping.

After a lot of researching and looking for another farm within the area, I came across Askerton Castle farm and it is my second month ordering from them. I feel like I have found a new supplier going forward.

The meat is fresh as it comes, the quality and taste is beautiful and is helping me with health and putting good food on the table.

Keep up the good work.


Gary Davison | Boldon | March 2023

That it has been produced in a high welfare environment

Quality of the meat, ease of ordering and delivery

Berry Patel | Cumbria | September 2022

very tasty and lean beef good assortment

nothing to dislike in the box

Patricia Gilchrist | Newcastle | February 2022

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